Aphodius granarius (Linnaeus, 1767)
Common across s.England becoming scarcer in the north. Absent from Scotland. Found in all types of dung and decaying vegetable matter, also under debris in muddy situations. A spring species with adults active in March, April and May but also among winter flood refuse. Our local experience of this species is limited, we have never found it in abundance (2003-2007) and nor does it appear, contrary to many other species of Aphodius, to recur in the same locality every season. We have recorded it from Sarrat Bottom in cattle dung and from Whippendell wood from horse dung.

Head black with side rounded in front of eye, clypeus obviously punctate, in the male with a fine transverse ridge. Pronotum black, finely and sparsely punctate and with entire base finely bordered. Scutellum short, sides about as long as base. Elytra black or (rarely) pitchy, often reddish posteriorly, raised margins near apex about twice the width of the apex of the second striae (not interval!) Antennal club dark brown. Tibiae reddish brown sometimes black, tarsi lighter.

Description from 3 Watford specimens at X20