Plegaderus vulneratus/dissectus
Added to our list in 1968 from specimens taken in 1963 (Allen, 1968), P.vulneratus Panzer is a very local species associated with conifers, probably more especially pine, in southeast England; most records are from south of the Thames west to the New forest although there are a few from East Anglia and a single record from south Yorkshire. There may be an association with scolytid beetles or their burrows. Both species will key to P.dissectus Erich. in Joy and Halstead but they are clearly distinct and should not be confused.

P.vulneratus is a little larger and usually completely black. The pronotal side margins are straight and gently widened from front to base, the front and hind margins are strongly sinuate and the transverse furrow, which is only weakly impressed, reaches the side margin anterior to the middle. The elytra are evenly and gently curved from base to apex without the abrupt basal widening present in P.dissectus, they lack the oblique dorsal striae at base and are not depressed alongside the suture. The front tibiae are curved and evenly broadened from base to apex, the outer edge a single curve, apical third to half with a series of strong teeth on outer side.

Allen, A.A. 1968. Plegaderus vulneratus, A histerid beetle new to Britain. Ent.Mon.Mag. 104:110-112